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What is synovia used for?

Synovia is used to relieve joint pain caused by medically diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee joint or other synovial joints. Synovia helps to lubricate the joint, allows for greater mobility and flexibility of the treated joint, and reduces pain in the affected joint.


Who should take Synovia?

Synovia is designed to be effective for anyone that is experiencing joint pain, that is looking to restore ease of movement, or that wants to increase their overall range of motion.

How long should I use SYNOVIA?

You can take Synovia after arthritis symptoms have already begun to get rid of them, or it can be taken preventatively to ensure that they do not return. When you take Synovia will also depend on the severity of your symptoms and the length of time required to return to normal functionality.

Is SYNOVIA available in stores?

In order to reach more customers and better manage distribution logistics and customer service, we decided to make SYNOVIA available exclusively online either on Bioparanta site or through Amazon. This allows us to keep in personal contact with our client base and to meet all of their needs directly.